There are days when I cannot wait to check my email to see if my family, my cousins have written me back...It is like I am a kid again.  Remember being a teenager, and spending summers with your family at your aunts house.  Your girl cousins would play dress-up?    You would try on each others clothes, play in each others hair and giggle and talk about all the things that had happened since the previous holiday when you last ALL gathered together?  Well that is what it feels like now that I have found such a large group of my family on Facebook...In the Bishop Family History Group, we have a place where we share our Photos, Our Stories and our common bonds.  Sure, there is the open forum on fb...but some stories aren't for open sharing.  Some stories are just between family.  I cannot wait until we meet up face to face at the reunion when we can hug and take photos and introduce our children for the first time!

We are Searching for our common ancestors.  We are finding those great Bishops that came before us.  Some stories are legends that we have heard many times, some stories we have connect the lines and draw our own conclusions and some people we will never find.  But we will do our best to honor the legacy of all the great people who worked so hard to build a family that we could be proud of. 



12/23/2013 3:51pm

I'm with you. I cant wait until we all meet face to face, and the kids meet each other.


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The deeper our family roots grow, the stronger our family tree.